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Namaskar and Welcome !


Hello, I am Poornima and Welcome to "Sameeksha" my Home on the web!
Hope you will stay for a while and spend some time with me.

I am so glad you came all the way to my home on the web, especially with so many choices available out there in the internet world. My home "Sameeksha" (meaning analysis ) is a kind of mini portal and is kept growing. I have added many links, to those places I frequently I visit. I hope it will help you also.

It started just as a hobby starting with one page. As a news fanatic and a avid reader I wanted to keep in line with my own links and references, so I started adding new sections. This is how Sameeksha was born on December 14th, 1999.

Gulab jamoon sweet I was looking for some Kannada style basic, traditional day-today recipes at the time, but couldn't find the recipes I wanted. So I ended up calling mom and taking note of the recipes. Some recipes are way too difficult for me, but mom was there to help and I am thankful to my mother for guiding me in the process of leaning the art of cooking. So to keep track of my own recipes, I decided to go online. Learning never ends and so does the cooking.

Most of the recipes in my site are tried and tested. By the way, I am also interested in learning and blending different ethnic recipes with Indian recipes. So if you want you can share your recipe (vegetarian) with me. I would love to have them.

Myself as a yoga practitioner for more than ten years and enthusiast, my other favorite subject is Yoga. I started Yoga section with very few pages. But later, as people started e-mailing me with their questions and querries, I decided to add more information about Astanga Yoga which I found informative and useful.

Other sections like hobby, et cetera, newsroom and graphics were added later. Now, as graphics and designing has become my new hobby, I keep changing the look of the Sameeksha from time to time. Keep watching!

Some of you have signed my guestbook and encouraged me. Thank you for your wonderful words. They are like gems to me, hope I will make this homepage more interesting in future. I intend to add  more to Sameeksha regularly.

My diary If everything fails, last but not the least, visit My Rainbow Reading Room. I am also caught in the craze of the blog. It's the newest craze in the internet world. So drop here for a while frequently.

In case I have missed anyone, especially if I have stolen their gifs, infringed copyright, please let me know and I will give the credit where it is due or remove them from my site.


All the contents in this site are copyrighted unless otherwise mentioned. So if you want to use any of them you must get the written permission and give the credit. As Sameeksha do not endorse or guarantee any outside links.

Once again thanks for visiting! Please sign my guestbook and let me know you were here. I always love to hear from my visitors! Your comments and suggestions regarding the site are welcome.

Have fun and enjoy your stay!!

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